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Hearing aids, which one is the best for me?

Dépistage et prothèses auditives : des solutions sur mesure

There are numerous hearing devices to choose from that features according to technology levels:

  • BTE "Behind the ear" : less discreet, reliable. Adaptable to all losses and ears. Available with batteries or rechargeables.
  • ITE "In the canal ear" : the most discreet but most fragile. Nor suitable for all levels of deafness. Battery only.
  •  RITE "Receiver in the ear" : compromise between the two previous devices: quite discreet,  very comfortable and less fragile than ITE. Available with abtteries or rechargeables.

Once you have made your choice, Mrs Vignard will established a quote with simulated coverage by your health insurance center and your mutual insurance compagny.

We also provided:

  • a free trial period for one month
  •  pre and past employment hearing assements
  • checking every 6 months
  • offer a range of assistive listening devices
  • provide hearing rehabilitatation devices
  • maintenance for all makes and models
  • custom plugs
  • musician's, swimming, noise, airplane plugs
  • hearing device batteries
  • device kit for moisture affected hearing aids.




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