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Our Hearing aids

Hearing aids : a tailor-made solution

ITC : In The Canal

  • + the easiest to manipulaite
  • battery or rechargeable
  • more or less discreet : it's depending about your anatomy and some chosen options 

L’écouteur déporté

  • + the most comfortable
  • + the most discreet
  • battery or rechargeable
  • Light to severe hearing 

Le contour

  • the strongest
  • + fitting everybody, every hearing loss
  • battery or rechargeable
  • - the less discreet

Garantee 4 years
Assurance Losing, Stealing, Breaking 4 years *

* see conditions in your hearing aids specialist

Hearing aids:  what reimboursement?

Aides auditives, prestation incluse par oreillePrix (TTC)Remboursement SS (60%)Mutuelle
Classe 1 (offre 100% santé)950€240€710€ if private mutual are a responsible conytact
Classe 2- Gamme 21290-1390€*240€Depend on your mutual
Classe 2- Gamme 31490-1590€*240€Depend on your mutual
Classe 2- Gamme 41690-1890€*240€Depend on your mutual

* Depend on brands and models


Do I need a prescription to have hearing aids? YES

Prescription of ENT for the first time. For the second time, generalist prescription can be possible.

Can I have a quotation before to be impaired? YES

After an appointement with your audiologist, at Objat or Saint Mexant, where audiologist will check your hearing loss and present you the different solution, you will have a quotation. The quotation will presents two offers: the one, called 100% santé, and the second, with a different technology.

How much does my health insurance reimburse?

If you are ok, your audiologist ask about your health insurance. Sometimes, we can have directly an answer, sometimes we must to send quotation and wait. About third-party paiement, it depends about your health insurance

Why this price?

When you buy an hearing aid to your audiologist at Objat and Seilhac, you buy a package: you will see your audiologist for a check up (each six months), for cleaning, for SAV during several years; These appointements and services are inclused in your package.

What is trail period?

Trial period begins after validation or four quotation. Trial period lasts one month. During it, you will see regulary your audiologist, in order to fitting hearing aids. That's why trial period is very important.

If after trial period, you are ok, your audiologist invoices your hearing aids.

if after trial period, your are not ok, you will return your hearing aids. Only made to measure will be costed ( earmolds.... )

Earplugs: a variety of protections

AUDITION19 can propose a variety made to measure of protections: sleep earplug, plane earplug, water earplud, reduced noise earplug (professionnel or not), come to discover the offers to Objat and St Mexant!

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